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Linden - Tilia sp

General Name: Tilia Harvest: Between May and July. Properties: Flowers: sedative, bechic, antispasmodic; the cortex: hypotensive, antispasmodic. Family: Tiliacee Common names: Rich in winter, tajer mestegon, urmo tiglia, tia. Habitat: In the woods up to 2000 meters. Linden - Tilia sp: Properties Conservation: The flowers are harvested in the morning before they bloom, they are dried in the shade and then conserved in glass vases, the bark is charred or conserved in closed containers.
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Jasmine - Trachelospermum

Trachelospermum It is commonly called evergreen jasmine, the botanical name is trachelospermum jasminoides, synonymous with Ryncospermum jasminoides, from which also derives the common name ricosperno, or ricospermo; it is a climber of Asian origin, mainly from China, cultivated for a long time also in Italy.
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Garden furniture

Garden of water

General The water garden represents a rather interesting variation to the classic gardens. The realization of the green space revolves around the water. When we speak of a water garden, we generally refer to a garden, where there is a pond, a waterfall, a pond.
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Apartment plants


Generalities Grevillea is a shrub-like plant from Australia that produces very showy flowers, without petals, formed by a tubular calyx and an elongated and curved stylus. This plant belongs to the Proteaceae family and has more or less dark colored leaves, depending on the variety; usually these leaves also have a light hair.
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Fat plants

Is my cactus dying?

Question: Is my cactus dying? Dear readers, for almost three months I have received a cactus as a gift: one of the small ones that can be bought with the plastic jar in shopping malls with a diameter of about 7/8 cm for a similar height. When they gave it to me, he had an erect and also quite firm bust and many others around smaller, but equally firm, now the central one has curved, as if he had been sagging.
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Terraces and balconies in May

May: terraces and balconies The month of May is perhaps the most awaited by gardeners: temperatures stabilize on higher values ​​and the blooms of many herbaceous and shrubs occur. However, it is a fairly demanding period because, especially on balconies and terraces, irrigation must be monitored and pests should be paid attention.
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