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Wood splitter ax

Wood splitting ax The wood splitting ax is a tool that serves as an aid for splitting wood logs and reducing them to smaller logs. It is composed of a handle, usually made of wood, but which in modern times is being gradually replaced by fiberglass or plastic, and by a head, usually in hardened steel to be as resistant as possible to repeated impacts with wood .
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Garden furniture

Japanese lanterns

General Japanese lanterns, just as the name points out, represent Japanese-style lamps that are placed inside the garden. The tendency to introduce objects of different cultures to our country also came a few years ago, also thanks to the era of globalization.
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Herbalist's shop


Echinacea Belonging to the Asteraceae family, Echinacea is a green plant native to North America. Its flowering occurs in the central months of the summer season. The stem, rather rigid and erect, reaches a height of one and a half meters while the minimum of its size is fifty centimeters; along its length there are hairs and leaves, the quantity of which varies according to the species.
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Pot flowers

The potted flowers The flower is the reproductive organ of the plant, the most striking and colorful part of which is able to attract attention by creating chromatic effects of remarkable visual impact. Cultivated on the balcony of the house, on the terrace or inside the garden, potted plants with their spring flowers of a thousand colors and scents are able to confer beauty and vitality.
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Gardens of Villa Taranto

Botanical Gardens of Villa Taranto The Botanical Gardens of Villa Taranto extend on the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore, covering an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 20 hectares on the promontory called Castagnola in the territory of the municipality of Verbania. They represent one of the most fascinating examples of an English garden that can be visited in Italy.
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Apartment plants

Kohleria digitaliflora

Generality It is a genus that brings together about fifty perennial herbaceous plants originating in Central and South America. They produce fleshy rhizomes from which numerous ovate leaves, dark green in color, covered with dense hair, which often have small light dots. In late summer numerous tubular flowers bloom on long flexible stems, pink, red, orange or yellow, covered with hair and with dots in contrasting colors.
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